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Career Analysis Organization of America(CAOA), is the #1 Youth Career Exploration Provider in the nation, connecting education to work!

Facts about CAOA

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” is an innocent question posed by adults to children, often with equally innocent responses. But, there are many unspoken, critical, costly and very real decisions that must be made by each respondent as they chart their course toward being an adult.

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CAOA has served more than 64,000 students.


Years in service

CAOA has been around for more than a decade.

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Business Partners

CAOA has partnered with more than 70 businesses including major employers such as Toyota, Amazon, McDonald’s, Walgreens, etc.


Lesson Session

CAOA offer a comprehensive strategic 18 lesson session where students experience hands-on career exploration

How your organization can help chart students’ successful paths into industries like yours

CAOA provides the best co-curriculum career exploration program for Elementary, Middle School and High School students.

Career Technical Education (CTE), Workbased Learning, Trades, Job Shadowing, Internships, Project Based Learning is at the forefront of our organization’s efforts to drive America’s success and vitality. It is our commitment to support our students, collaborate with business partners and engage policymakers to advance Career Readiness; learning that works for students, for secondary and postsecondary schools, for businesses, industry, and for America!

Our Vision

is to see everyone working not just for a paycheck but for the fulfillment of achieving what they wanted to do or be all along.



Our Mission

is to learn as much as possible about each individual student, provide them with the tools necessary to be successful in their career path chosen specifically for them by them.



Our Education Programs

Elementary School

Grades K-3

Introducing young students to potential careers

We specialize in connecting students’ interests to their potential career paths as early as possible to ensure active participation in their own academic success. Starting in elementary school, we open their eyes to myriad career opportunities. Real-world experiences and self discovery help students build confidence, learn often untaught soft skills, and the chance to reflect on their interests and strengths.

Middle School

Grades 4-7

strategic 18 lesson session

In junior high and high school we offer a comprehensive strategic 18-lesson session where students experience hands-on career exploration. Topics include money management, business etiquette, business ethics, and career exploration, including job shadowing opportunities and a one-semester internship with an employer of their career choice.

High School

Grades 8-12

A comprehensive college, career and life readiness program

As a comprehensive college, career and life readiness program, Career Analysis Academy helps students answer tough personal questions and make critical decisions as they plot out their futures. As they chart their career and education trajectories, students align their strengths and interests to higher-education goals, gaining insight into whether they need to attend college at all. Whatever their path, they’ll strategize how to avoid taking on potentially crippling loans – in fact, 100% of our graduates are free of student debt!

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We’re proud of our success over the last decade and the impact we’ve had on thousands of students but we could not have done it without you, our partners. With a greater number of partnerships, we will make an even greater impact by reaching more students, adding more programs, and digitizing our content for a more engaging distance learning experience. Your partnership is paramount in the success of the youth we serve. Volunteer, Mentor, join our Board of Directors, Donate or become a partner school or business. Learn more about how you can become a CAOA partner.

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